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19 March 2020

The TCFD Consortium launched the “GIG Supporters ”

In order to promote its “Guidance for Utilizing Climate-related Information to Promote Green Investment (Green Investment Guidance*)” published in October 2019 , the TCFD Consortium has launched the GIG Supporters.
* GIG Supporters are investors who use or plan to use the Green Investment Guidance(

GIG Supporters page introduces the words from the government, business and financial sectors on the Green Investment Guidance, as well as to showcase examples of its application by investors with an aim to facilitate the use of the Guidance by stakeholders in the finance and business sectors. Please visit the GIG Supporters page to see how investors make use of the GIG in their businesses.

Your contributions are warmly appreciated. Please send comments to the TCFD Consortium secretariat with your company name, affiliation, contact phone and email address.