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1 September 2020

"TCFD Summit 2020" ~ Registration for live-streaming now open ~

"TCFD Summit 2020" (Hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and co-hosted by the TCFD Consortium) will be held online on Friday, October 9 from 13 o'clock.
Toward the realization of the "virtuous cycle of environment and growth", this Summit will invite proposals from business and financial leaders around the world, and will also hold a session with practitioners to implement and build on TCFD recommendations in practice, and discuss disclosure of climate-related financial information.
The Summit is open for pre-registration on Monday, September 1 to watch the live streaming.


In October 2019, business and financial leaders from all over the world gathered in Tokyo to hold the world's first "TCFD Summit". At this meeting, the release of " Guidance for Utilizing Climate-related Information to Promote Green Investment (Green Investment Guidance)" was announced, and the basic concepts of "importance of engagement" "importance of assessing opportunities" and "providing platforms and impetus for key TCFD discussions and learning opportunities" were agreed upon. When the TCFD Summit was held last year, there were 863 organizations around the world and 198 organizations in Japan supporting TCFD. As of August 26, 2020, with the summit acting as a momentum, the number of organizations supporting TCFD has expanded to 1,382 (+ 519) around the world and 298 (+ 100) in Japan.

Objective of the meeting

In order to realize "virtuous cycle of environment and growth" it is important to encourage corporate commitment to disclosure in line with TCFD recommendations, increase the number of organizations that support it, and improve the disclosure quality so that investors can make investment and loan decisions, thereby leading to the discovery and development of business opportunities. At this TCFD Summit, which will be held in an online format, industry and financial leaders will be invited to discuss how to make more use of TCFD recommendations. In addition, a session of practitioners will be held to implement and build upon TCFD recommendations in practice. Through this Summit, Japan will share its awareness and knowledge on climate-related financial information disclosure and send out its efforts to expand support for TCFD to the world.

Outline of the event

Date and Time: Friday, October 9, 2020 13: 00 ~ 18: 30 (Provisional)
Format— Online distribution (Live streaming and on-demand)
Participation fee: Free of charge
Note:For details of the program, please visit the TCFD Summit Homepage.

How to view live streaming

Participants wishing to watch the live streaming, please register through the TCFD Summit Homepage and the pre-registration form.
*Pre-registration will start on September 1 (Tue.).
*Please note that registration for general participants and the press are different.

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Contact Information

TCFD Summit 2020 registration desk